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Third Generation System

Saw Control System

Each Third Generation system will consist of a desktop PC, (monitor) and HP color printer using Microsoft and Intelution.


High resolution, non-contacting, mounted on top guide.

PLC BOX (30″x30″x9″) NEMA

Will house the Allen Bradley programmable PLC installed in it (to be located near machine center electrical panel or control room.

Interface Module Boxes

NEMA type mounted on or near the side of each band mill for linking the sensor to the shielded wire running from the Saw Control – PLC.

Operator Saw Cab Light Display Pane

NEMA type mounted in the operators cab has LED panel displays for Speed Ups – Slow Downs – Saw Problem – Guide Problem in real-time. Saw in-cut indicator.

PLC Interface Module

PLC Interface Module outputs for linking the Saw Control PLC to the Mill PLC.

1. Saw displacement (deviation) of the blade

Deviation toward the guide.

Deviation away from the guide.

This sorts saw performance issues from mill alignment issues.

2. Vibration levels (high and low limits)

Has output for alerting of danger for safety.

This sorts machine condition problems and saw condition issues and shows
consistency of bench work.

Saw Control Systems

3. Guide position and condition (Guide wear and Guide build-up)

This sorts guide dressing – from guide installing issues that affect saw alignment and lumber shape and size.

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