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Timber Processing: Joystick Sawing

Saw Control has produced the first electronic joystick sawing control for hydraulic shotgun carriages. The system protects the saw blade while increasing throughput and giving the sawyer assisted performance. The development and installation of the first sawyer assisted joystick control system was accomplished at Lampe and Malphrus Lumber Company in Smithfield, NC. After one year of development and another year of operation, the system has proved to be sawmill rugged and operationally solid.

The mill has increased production through the headrig, and the sawyer is excited about the superior control and speed. The system includes a sawyer controlled automatic feed assist with auto return logic which allows the sawyer to return the carriage to the log load or live saw position with the touch of a button while leaving the handle in the neutral position. This feature gives the sawyer a mini-break to prepare for the next cut. At any time desired, the sawyer can move the handle and regain full control. This feature can cut the movement of the sawyer’s hand and arm by 40% thereby reducing arm and wrist strain by allowing the arm to relax.

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December 2005 Timber Processing